Next Wednesday Will Be Winter

Going through my closet right now looking for sweatshirts. Only going to reach 38. :snowflake: :snowman: :smiley:

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Merry Christmas…


Where are you? Winter solstice was June 21 in the south, December 21 in the north…

Please tell us you have not left earth! :slight_smile:


it is winter in australia, it is -2 to 5 with snow it was awesome, i have a picture of mrs sith standing next to the biggest snowman i have ever seen !( that was last year ).
take care


The Great Lakes are getting hit with a polar vortex next Wednesday. Just thought I would warn you guys to get your winter clothing out. :smiley:

ok, now i see…

Ugh, I feel so bad for you! This last winter was brutal enough. You shouldn’t be suffering again in July :frowning:

Stay warm!


Sorry guys…it’s all my fault! I prayed for cool weather in July to avoid the high 90s and humidity!!

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wow, that is sooo strange to me? what is happening here? I wonder if it will trigger tornadoes down here in Oklahoma?

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