Next time you want to give up


Yes but millions who were on the same level as him 23 years ago are still struggling financially. Also, Bezos borrowed $1mil or more from his dad, not everyone has that luxury. Being hell bent on getting rich comes with serious risks on the mental plane.

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Didnt trump borrow 1 million from his dad lol

Hmm maybe he did too, I don’t know.

I cant find articles on bezoos borrowing 1 000 000 from his dad but i found an article saying he borrowed around 200 000 from his parents

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Yes it seems I was mistaken. He borrowed $300,000 from his parents, and raised $1million during the first angel funding round.

Incredible photo. Thanks @firemonkey

Trump’s dad gave him about 29 million dollars to start him off. One of Trump’s lies was in was just under 1 million.

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