‘Next time you’re having a feeling, *just have it*’

A former heroin addict turned social worker said this to me about 15 years ago. (He helped me and I think he’s still doing well).

His statement is something I’m rehearsing to myself because apparently I’m ‘not one to sit around and do nothing.’ (Words my old man said in my earshot about someone else - but could certainly be applied to me.)

It’s the statement though that I want to focus on… I think it probably served me quite a bit!

What do you think about it??

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For added context he said this to me after I got my (2nd) DWI.

And why I’m thinking about it today:

Deals with pushing buttons, or pressing execute on too many thoughts. Green lighting toomany impulses.

Thank God I’m afraid of needles - is all I have to say. (to bring it full circle).

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