Next poem in the dog series

Black Lab

The seeds the peasant drops are hints.

It’s sprinkling when you are patted.

There is roaming at night when

the hours have filled pot holes like your belly.

The moon might crumble a frosted cookie

you sweep thru the room with no urgency

body solid as a chocolate bunny

good as a favorite record.

Walks are slow as a clock

and the need for holding is your big paws

that won’t run a stray thought of missing.


Lovely Poem @Daze. Very heart warming when your a dog love like myself, but I also love all animals not just dogs :slight_smile:

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yeah, me too. I might do more animal series of poems.

Thanks for your kind words.

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That’s a wonderful poem @Daze. My previous dog was a black lab. She passed away 6 years ago. I miss her so much. Your poem brought back a flood of sweet memories of my black lab.

I now have a very small dog. She’s 6 lbs as compared to my black lab who was 60 lbs.

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Such a nice poem!

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