Next month I'm cutting my hair short

I’m sick of all one length. I want layers. I’m thinking of this


Need mine shorter. Keeps getting caught in the zipper of my trousers.


I told my gf she should grow her hair out. She said ok fine. Im gonna grow it TO THE FLOOR.

that was almost 5 years ago… its still growing.

guess she showed me huh :rofl:

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I think it will look nice.

Do you have a fringe now?

I plan on colouring my hair red in a few months.

I’m growing my fringe out.
It just annoys me and doesn’t suit me in my opinion.

When I’m old I might go fringe again as I have a high hair line and thin hair.

I would like to try black hair extensions but can’t afford it.

Been told blonde suits me most.

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I used to have my hair like that, but a little longer. I thought I looked better. Now I’m afraid to cut it, though I’d like to.

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Good for you, I hope you enjoy your haircut.

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