Next cup of coffee, please

Hi Dr Zen Here setting at the truck stop, having coffee. the weather has let up a bit and the roads aren’t bad. we are heading to witchia ks. pic up some stuff to make music with this weekend. hope ever ones weekend party went well at work, how dose one do a web party anyway? never really thought about it. are party was a mash there was lots of food and the kids had a good time. thank you for your time, Zen


Hey Dr. Zen!

Are you still playing music? I have a pretty cool idea about how to go about making a blues album. Like certain ideas of how to play the music on it and record it.

I had 4 cups of coffee today, so I’m with ya on the coffee!

Anyways, hope you’re well.

Take care. :slight_smile: - Monte

Sounds good @DrZen!

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