Newsweek article I was in about nightmares and psychosis

article I was in

“Can’t Turn Off the Night” by Roni Jacobson- she stretched the truth but it is mostly accurate, but she did make it a little more dramatic than it is. If the link didnt work, search it on I am under the alias of “Chuck”, a nickname for my middle name and my cat’s name :smile:

Here I am up early again due to nightmares, you guys notice I post about waking up randomly like once a month, well yeah its nightmares. In my nightmare which woke me up at 5:30, (its 7:30 now) I had trouble deadlifting warm up weights in a makeshift gym owned by the powerlifting coach, and it was a creepy setting, and then some guys said they needed me to help with something so I got in an SUV with them and the guy next to me pulled out a switchblade and tried to cut my jugular, I stopped him and began to turn it on him when he stabbed me in the armpit with a knife in his other hand, then threatened to cut the artery if I moved, I spat in his face, used foul language and then he sliced my armpit, then I woke up wide awake.

Fun ■■■■.