News broadcaster talking to me

Watching the US Open and heard the broadcaster talking to me during a commercial. And she is reading my intrusive thoughts calling me a pervert and a racist. She’s also seeing my intrusive thoughts. Will I ever have any peace and privacy. Does anyone ever go thru this? Don’t want anyone to read my mind they read and see all my really bad thoughts. Need them to leave me alone before I can get better.

yeah I’ve been there. have you talked to a therapist or psychiatrist about this? its probably a good idea to. since getting back on Haldol I haven’t had that problem since. but every now and then I start thinking I hear them say my name and I look up and realize the tv isn’t even on it just sounds like it is for a brief moment,

I remember playing vampire the masquerade bloodlines and there was this part where you start having a conversation with the tv. This happens if you play a Malkavian. It’s like we are all Malkavians. Not really because vampires don’t exist but it was interesting to play that before I came down with schizophrenia.

On a serious note no one is reading your thoughts. Go see a pdoc. Personally I prefer being on a medications despite its side effects.

One of my voices is a news broadcaster. He likes to make passive-aggressive broadcasts about my life. He’ll be like, “This just in: Ninjastar is totally screwed! Details tonight at eleven!”

Mine thinks I say racist things and therefore yells at me all the time.

Newscasters are assholes. Excluding our wonderful staff at FFN, of course!

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I went through this once, it just kept getting worse. Please call your pdoc asap.