News article about superstitions


great article about why some people believe in the paranormal or gods, or monsters , or ghosts , or aliens etc etc…

im not sure which category this belongs in @SzAdmin so ill put it in news.


Because they are real?

" For example, very few people believe in faeries and elves these days. But as belief in faeries faded, other beliefs, such as belief in UFOs, emerged to take their place.""

I believe in faeries and elves… I have seen them, spoke with them. They might not be exactly what gets portrayed in books and movies but they do exist.

As far as being replaced by aliens, no. they are often related. Shapeshifters they are. The alien of today was often what someone called a faerie 300 years ago. The tall humanoid aliens , some that have pointed ears and a very fair complexion could easily have been viewed as Elves.

The faerie race of the Tuatha d’Dannan have been called both faeries and Aliens, and that’s exactly what they are, as well as offspring of the Watchers (angel/aliens - not of this world)


Well they did say there are still a few people that still believe in fairies and elves so you are correct on that