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Dr. Anand stated: “We look forward to initiating the Phase III program for Evenamide next year. If proven safe and effective, we are excited by the prospect of a new treatment paradigm that Evanamide could offer to schizophrenia patients. Regulatory discussions suggest that positive results in the clozapine treatment resistant population could lead to expedited approvability of Evenamide in that indication, while positive results from both studies could lead to approval of Evenamide as an add-on treatment in patients with chronic schizophrenia.”

Patients with treatment resistant schizophrenia show increases in glutamate in the anterior cingulate cortex. Evenamide antagonizes the effects of the excess of glutamate; animal studies have demonstrated that the addition of Evenamide to ineffective doses of clozapine is associated with efficacy.


The theory" Persons with treatment resistant Sz show increases in Glutamate in the anterior cingulate cortex.Evenamide antagonize the effects of the excess of glutamate"
The current position;
1-there are x-factor has seeks periodically (each 3 seconds) to causation the increases of brain chemicals substances which be used to execute the mental processes in the frontal direction
2-The excretion rate of the brain chemical substances in the time units is more than the natural rate
3- An excess in the substance quantity be formed in the brain by acceleration the excretion speed process
4- it is supposed that,the antagonist process must be occurs by the same rate/speed to producing the balance state “parity”.i.e the reversal chemical process “antagonist” must be occurs by the same rate/speed immediately after the ending of the frontal chemical process,that is to development the balance state to return to the rest state
5- the natural reversal chemical process are unable to be happen periodically each 3 seconds all time of waking to development the balance state
6- Subsequently,there are frontal chemical process has going to execution the mental processes,one after other in a ceaseless chain along the time of waking Without reversal chemical process (antagonist process)
7- the main problem,the x-factor has induces the excess of excretion outside the control of the genetic system ,i.e the gene do not sending working order to the brain cells to increases the speed or/quantity of the chemical substances that be used to execution the Frontal mental processes
8- But, the x-factor who is sending a deceitful working order to the brain cells (each 3 seconds without stop all time of waking) to increases the speed/quantity of the neural transmitters in shorter time under the natural rate ,this causation an accumulation the metabolism of frontal chemical processes in the brain cells after time bypassing,and that has bad effects on the brain
9- the x-factor has exists in active state all time of waking, never stop or takes a rest, and has endless energy,and completely nothing can preventing it from sending the false working order to
the brain cells
10- How does a medical treatment deal with the x-factor ?
or what is the treatment strategy to defense?
-development a modification in the current brain chemistry using chemical intervention ( like discouragement the reactor cells , smooth doping or decreasing …etc (by a way ,make them do not response to the effect of the stimulant )

The fighting between the frontal chemical processes that does not stop and the reversal chemical processes that unable to running in the inverse direction


It is important to understand the chemical part of the wholly schizophrenic process,in order to know the root cause of the disorder

All current theories assume that, it must be there is a defective gene who is responsible to establishing the disorder material/processes (structure/function)

In other words, according to the theory,the disorder is self-established by defective gene- whatever the type of disorder,
While in mother nature,there is real x-factor (external stimulant) is not a natural part from the self (biology or/psychology) or/ environmental factors or a classical germ , and who is considering the actual root cause of the chemical disorder

The critical point for the researcher,is the ability to distinguishing between the effect of a self factor and non self factor.

The current theories have make 2 fatal mistakes:
1-Do not give attention to know/understand the type of the disorder
in reality,it is a Smart disorder not a Classical disorder ,has specific effect on the cultural content that be acquired by self experiences from the early childhood until now,has seeks all time of waking to falsification the acquired cognitive concept (like falsely the basic religious belief )

-It is not an exchange process to the owned religious belief to anther instead ,but it is a way to falsely the current religious belief itself that acquired by house learning or school education and self orientation …etc
( distortion the current owned religious belief)

-Whereas there is no any organic disease/disorder in our human nature has the ability to changes the mental concept,the basic beliefs and the cultural life - forcibly against the genetic system ,the emotional state and self will

2- Wrongly , they deal with the disorder as a production of Self defective gene, which it means that they treat the disorder as if it is an inherited genetic disease ,and that lead to a fatal mistaken action , whereas the medical treatment must be effect on the self brain chemistry For lifelong like all known genetic diseases,and this causation worst damage for the brain

the effect of the x-factor on the biochemistry does not causing organic disease (no matter the time), while treatment the disorder as a result of self genetic disease for lifelong will causing real organic disease-uncured !


Schizophrenia is a wholly inhuman health condition in nature,all its symptoms (change/disorder) is a result of parasitic condition in the biological/psychological nature of the human host , it is not an expression of genetic disease or mental illness
-schizophrenia symptoms in structure /function is a result of psychological life circle of inhuman self within the nature of human being

  • in the case if you look at the Schizophrenia as a disease or/illness condition,instead you will look at a smartness parasite condition not at classical genetic disease at all
    =All known medical care methods are the only way that we trust to treat such as these symptoms ,nothing change in the current medication,but only the period of time of treatment must be changing

To determine the ideal time for the medical intervention ,You should treatment the symptoms at once after the first onset of its appearing(between 24-48 hours), as if they are a result of unknown viral disease,you should considering these symptoms as a bad side effects of unknown viral disease
-using antibiotic have no effect on the active cause
-using medical drugs to restoration the balance state to its original position is the main task (no matter the cause of imbalance)
-this medical intervention must be for limited time (2/4 /8/16/24 week) like the common time of viral treatment

  • After the medical intervention, it is the role of the immune system,the psychological treatment and the personal efforts to defense -in most of cases it is unlimited time (may 1 years,2/3/4/5 years depend on the response of the person himself-individual factors)
  • the person has needs to know what is kind of cause/problems that he facing to learn the ways to achieves the ideal defense and solves the faced problems ,and the psychological treatment give him what he needs
  • After that,the person can living his life normally as all public , whereas he can interaction with all daily life events and responses to them inside the logical box of (right/wrong) ,that is without any medication for lifelong
  • Wrongly, some people belief in the retrogression,collapse if the person cut off the medication ,whereas the ideal psychological treatment has leaves the person in better mental condition,he becomes knows the cause and the possible problems and has many optional solutions,add for that the first onset of sz does not coming again ,but if the person has going under bad effect of family problems or/ environmental conditions or/ individual relationship,money,education,marriage,job …etc he will response to these conditions negatively such as any human being ,but his behavior outputs is seems to the external observers as a schizophrenic behavior,in other side the negative response behavior will rally or recrudesce the active cause for awhile ,but if the family interesting to solve these problems-the person healthy condition will be OK again

Simply look at a person has facing many different problems inside his psychological world, add for that there is no money, job, education nor individual relationship…etc while he loses a big part of his ability to focus his attention to learn,drive a car, or work to have a money…etc all these condition make the life mission impossible for a person with sz or NOT


You must facing the actual data about the ghostly cause , adapted structure and smarter functions ,all types of its behavioral activities during its life circle in the chemical/mental sides of the host ,knowing the interactions mechanism,reactions outputs

First,the external structure ( i.e morphological features of the ghostly cause )
how does a person with sz has looking the cause body ( the existential manifest ) ?
-the sums of the existential features of things be called (Hall. ) or/the visual manifest of the imaginary moved picture of a person (s) and the spoken voices that be issued from them

-The pronounced voices is the essential substance who is responsible about all changes/disorder in both the chemical and mental sides ,
-the uttered voice is the nerve motor to the cognitive changes and biochemical imbalance

-The spoken voice is the thing who is at First coding / decoding the cognitive change materials (form/subject matter),whereas the speed/direction of each cognitive changed process will coding the chemical change (unexpected phenomenon for all genetic researchers ),it is extremely smartness process over the genetic system control

-The spoken voice in its nature is just a Pronounced working order ( functionality instruction),they are more developed about the working order that be issued from the human gene ,because they are audible working order internally ,they have powerful effect on the perception more than the working order of the human gene

The spoken voice has acts as if it is a powerful genetic message ,an understood words(sentence) by its nature,completely not needed to any mental action to understanding the voice message content at all , perceiving the spoken voice as an understood message will reduces the personal perception to a little degree of time

The auditory reaction with the spoken voice will exhaustion an excess quantity of the chemical energy to pass the auditory reaction process (dispersion the chemical energy through the auditory perception)

Without going to saying endless details,the human gen do not producing the spoken voice at all,while there is a second source (external and is not a part from the genetic material itself) who is producing the spoken voice as a working order to the auditory areas which receiving the voice message and has expresses about its meaning content as it is - without doing any rejection or modification

All this means that,the voice message has broadcasting form ghostly pulsing body (imaginary people) who is determines the chemical change/disorder (quantity,direction,speed/repetition rate in time unit) NOT the human gene

Add for that,the owned thoughts of the person remains broadcasting as normal during the lifetime (non-voiced thoughts ) by rotation with the spoken voice ,one after one all time of waking until the person learning how to blocking the spoken voice for awhile or long time


To treatment the schizophrenia from A to Z,you must facing Just single thing without give any attention to all schizophrenia symptoms !
Practically,you should facing the Spoken Voice that be heard by all schizophrenic individuals .
This supernatural voice forming the center of change/disorder -nothing else
The heard voice who is coding/decoding the cognitive changes outside the genetic system,immune,mental ability and the free self will -whatever the effect degree of the external environmental factors

The source (the hidden speaker)who is broadcasting the voice material ,is who is editing the change material in the thoughts concept of the person all possible time of waking ,the incorporeal speaker made-up that according to his cultural orientation which irrelevant the acquired cultural experiences of the person-

The incorporeal speaker is the Donor of modified thoughts for the conscious mind/brain of the person with sz during the march of the basic schizophrenic process,and this means that the conscious mind/brain has acts as a Reception Station for the modified thoughts -not a sending station( both of mind/brain are not a modified thoughts generator)

Both mind/brain working as normal,producing the original thoughts(no matter wrong or/ right ) ,but the incorporeal speaker has seeks all time to modification the original thoughts concept by transformation them into delusional concepts (irrelevant the reality)
The incorporeal speaker has expresses about these modifications by pronounced voice which acts as a powerful genetic message which printing its content in the place-time of the conscious mind forcibly against the self will of the person,genetic system and the immune defense and against the effect of all sensory inputs/outputs

The printed material will become a part from the self -knowledge/the basic cultural content of the person,and there are 3 possible actions for the person,the first is rejection the message content (form/subject) or/ re-modified the meaning of the message or agree with as it is !

  • In the case,if the person do not rejecting the content of the message,it will become a part from his personal knowledge/his believes,his owned thoughts,his owned culture-
    -for your knowledge,repetition rate for this process is between 3-6 seconds all possible time of waking -what is the sufferance that be faced by the schizophrenic individual in his lifetime !
    While most people imagine that,the person with sz has going by himself to attacking his thoughts,feelings,religious belief, his memory events and his social relationships, and has seeks all time of life to falsification every thing to achieves his temperament desires !-it is joke


Dont stress too much man :smile:


The actual stress is the determine result for all attempts that have seek to understanding and explanation the schizophrenia parasitic health condition as a autogenous genetic disease or/mental illness or by the bad effect of environmental factors

-The schizophrenia condition is different about the the basic characteristics of the classical disease
-The schizophrenia in its potential state is a living health condition of inhumane psychological entity (s),while in action(behavior activity) it is like the human psychological functions (smart entity)
-sz is a conscious entity has perceives himself and the external middle that he exists in (human internal nature)
-Sz is a conscious entity (s) in the basic structure,therefor in its action/effect on the human conscious brain/mind - it does not acts as an organic substance nor non organic but it is acts as a conscious person has the smartness character and perception !
-Sz can understand what we understand ,what we know ,what we felt, what we doing now …etc and be able to interference with cognitive content ,and development radical modification in the cognitive concept (transformation the basic concept into irrational ) ,and printing the modified concept in the memory of the host ,and using it latter when the host deal with some daily life events in order to prompting the behavioral response , these characters is not a behaviors of biochemical substances !!
-sz as a conscious entity can establishing a bilateral communication channel with the human conscious mind,to exchanges the higher information (thoughts) in 2-way ,whereas each one can sending his questions and receiving the answers for the other through out new phonetic methods

The basic data of the schizophrenia condition;
Regardless the bad effect of all types of changes and disorders,but mainly,the sz cause do not intend to development a disorder in the biochemistry of brain because he needs the mental chemistry functions in fit condition in order to establishing an inner communication channel with the conscious mind of the host ,but the extreme number of the communication processes in the time units will development an increases in the chemical substances quantity/speed which be using to execution the communication processes. i.e the rate of communication processes in time units causing the chemical imbalance in the brain of the host

  • SZ is not any known kind of disease in our nature,
    -Sz does not causing organic disease, because it is a free absolute conscious mind,linking with the human psychological structure,it is not a classical germ settle in the brain cells or linking with the organic structure,it is a something like the thing that you call it (the self/the conscious mind,psyche ) but in an absolute condition (free individual structure,independent, not rooted form the human self or linking with biological system,and can not be controlled by the genetic system or human self will all lifetime

-Therefor,sz in nature is not a disease,does not causing a disease ,but it is a new kind of higher parasitism condition and causing many bad symptoms ,
it does not coming from previous disease,and do not changed into any health condition