Newborn Children's neurobehavior affected by maternal mood disorder

A great number of women experience depression or anxiety while pregnant, and exposure of the fetus to these maternal mood disorders may lead to long-term emotional and behavioral problems in the offspring. Many studies have shown that the fetal environment has a strong influence on offspring neurobehavioral outcomes by altering the developing brain, although the exact mechanisms by which this occurs are not completely understood.

Researchers from the Brown Center for the Study of Children at Risk, Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island, Brown University, in Providence, RI, have now tested the influence of maternal depression and/or anxiety during pregnancy on newborn neurobehavior by specifically looking at epigenetic changes (modifications on the DNA that are different from changes in DNA sequence) in two genes expressed in the placenta that have been previously implicated in perturbations of the HPA axis (a system that controls reactions to stress and regulates many body processes).


my mother is not mentally ill. but while pregnant with me had extreme constatnt stress and was very unhappy, possibly depressed during that time. she is not currently nor over her lifetime been chronically depressed or other mi. and I obviously have a mi as I visit this site. and I developed sz at young age…7 or 8yrs old.