New York or LA?


New York is fun if you have money to blow. Never been to L.A. I guess either could be good with money to blow :slight_smile:


This time of year I go to LA


Been to new York, loved it


I went to New York years ago when a friend worked for an airline. We got return flights for £100 and we stayed in a cheap hostel in Chelsea.

One of the best experiences of my life. We also went to Tokyo on the same deal.


L.A. is a great big freeway
Put a hundred down and buy a car
In a week, maybe two, they’ll make you a star
Weeks turn into years, how quick they pass
And all the stars that never were
Are parking cars and pumping gas

I went to 1st-3rd grade there.


I feel intimidate by new York from what I’ve seen

LA seems more dangerous thou. With the gangs


The LAPD has quite a reputation. Just ask Rodney King.


I’m reppin’ the west coast. We have Tupac and the east has biggie smalls. We have the lakers and dodgers, ny has the knicks and Yankees. I’ve only been to New York to visit and wasn’t there enough to get a real feel. There would definitely be a transition if I ever had to move. LA is such a melting pot of backgrounds and economic status. I love LA as the song goes, I will more than likely spend my life here. Come visit!


Anders and I were at LA airport and they kept speaking every five minutes they don’t support beggars .

People were looking down at Anders and I like we were the trashiest trash .

Every one looked super dolled up.
Expensive clothes ,lots of make up etc

We were only at the airport.

My grand parents lived in America a while but they lived elsewhere.

My grandpa loved it there and wanted to stay but my grandma wanted to move home to family.

I would probably prefer to visit LA beaches etc but does seem to have some stuck up people there.

I’m not much of a big city chick but have lived in cities.


I went to New York when I was in mid twenties
Loved it
Even the coffee tastes better there


I loved LA…but was not impressed by NY…but I would like to return and see a bit more


been to both. not sure which I prefer. they are both a little too hectic and too big for me. I like the lesser thought of cities, the b cities like seattle Pittsburgh Denver. they’re still big but I just feel more at home. la and new York are out of my league. when I was young I would have definitely preferred new York though.


I’ve technically lived in LA before.

I’ve never been to NY. I imagine it’s a nice city though, with a lot to do.


My family went to New York on a trip…I would like to see the architecture of New York. have no interest in LA.


I lived in NYC as a 6 year old so know it from an interested child’s viewpoint.
I attended 2 seminars in LA as a young adult getting prepared for the most favorite job I ever had.


I live very close to NYC but haven’t gone there in years.
Big cities make me nervous.


I lived on the upper west side of NYC 2 blocks from the park and absolutely loved it. I paid over 2 grand for a 480 square foot apartment I shared with one other person and four cats. I had a blast. I loved the hustle, the toughness, the breeding of that strong moral character. I also did so many fun and amazing things in the city, met so many people… The only drawback was that I developed a bit of a drinking problem. So many bars… In any case, I live in Amish country Pennsylvania now, so the party’s over lol.

I’ve never been to L.A. and honestly I don’t know how I’d fare in all the sunlight, but I’m curious and wouldn’t mind spending some time there just to see what it’s like. I always imagine it full of impossibly pretty people drinking kombucha and hanging around in oxygen bars.


I live in NY state but have never been to NYC. I think it would be cool. I grew up in a small Southern US town and like visiting big cities.

I lived in Chicago and it was really fun.


New York for the culture and history.
LA for the weather and fun.

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