New York jets (team of my avatar)

Lost today 54-13 to the New England pats lmfao. At least we’re gonna have 2 top 5 picks. Rookie qb was injured today. Not like we’d win if he played more anyways. But there’s always next year :sob:. Jets ultimate tank job rest of season I feel. Can’t watch anymore. Pathetic.


I feel you. I am a Miami fan. :dolphin::dolphin::dolphin:

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One of our biggest competition for a top 3 draft pick. I’m sorry man. You’ll probably beat us twice tho this season lol. Jets have no pride.

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Who are they tanking for? They already have a QB.

Packers won. Washington, who I believe doesn’t have a nickname yet, QB kept getting down about everything.
I don’t believe we did that since age 16.

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Yeah it is just “the Washington football team” :lizard::lizard::lizard:

I don’t even know, is it D.C., must be.

I’d elect them the Washington Capitols! ha. idk.

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We have the Seahawks pick too EB

Jets have no pride

It’s always about “next year”

Idk an olineman who will get injured or a good defensive player. We’ll go 2-15 maybe

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Damn the Tom Brady’s are really beating your bears…

ohhh, sh-it, what channel, Jon?

I don’t have cable.

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It’s on cbs for me. Don’t think you want to watch!!

35-3 halftime :face_with_head_bandage: :persevere: :sweat:

Tom Brady is definitely the GOAT athlete I’ve ever seen

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wish Fields would run more. he’s got moves.

I don’t think I can get CBS, for some reason.

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