New year New me

I want to take life by the throat this coming year. I’m going to approach my mental and physical health holistically. I’m going to pray, attend church, meditate, exercise and eat right. I want 2019 to be the beginning of a new me. A much more healthy me to say the least. I’ve let myself slip the last few years. That ends in 2019! Anybody have the same or similar plans? Feel free to inform me about anything else I should do.


Yeah good for you and good luck! Hope you get there and having some goals is great! Just start small and keep it regular especially with the exercise. It’s a decent investment in your health and I’ve found it helps motivation.

I plan to just keep doing what I’m doing. More intense cardio but I’ve had a really good end of 2018 so it’s just more of the same!

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Good job @roguetwo ! Keep us updated on your progress. How much cardio are you doing?

My biggest dream come true would be not having one tobacco cigarette after the midnight in new years Eve. Cause I want to spend my money on other things.

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I’m with you. My dad just had a heart attack from smoking. That should be the push to get me over the hill to quit. After my carton is gone I’m quitting.

That sounds great!!! I think I will make this my goal for 2019, too. I need to walk every day, eat better, start school, keep my house clean, go to church, and spend more time with my kids. It’s a lot, but I say we should just jump right in!

Gnu year, Gnu me. This year I vow to be nicer to moose-like mammals.

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Why do you plan on spending some time with them?

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Yeah, 24/7……………….

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Good for you! I want to make the new year a new slate as well. However, don’t set yourself too may new year’s resolutions. Just focus on the ones that mean the most to you. So many people set themselves several goals and the goal posts too high, and they end up failing at them. If you set yourself just a few goals and realistic goal posts, you are more likely to achieve what you set out to do.

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Hang around till the right med is found

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