New Year greetings 2017

from Eastern Finland, -17 C degrees


Happy New Year to you too. They’re beautiful pictures. Is that you? It’s going to be 39 degrees Celsius here tomorrow.

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Welcome back my friend …!!! its cold here in kathmandu too but not as much as Finland its approx 5 to 0 degree Celsius…!!!

HI @LucyK where r u from…!!!

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South Australia :slight_smile:

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my sister iz from Adelaide …??? how are u lucky k…??

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I’m in Adelaide too. I’m good far cry, I’m enjoying our summer. How are you?

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BTW i am from kathmandu Nepal…!!! I love Australian cricket team …!!! but with SZ its hard to survive …!!!

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Yes lots of cricket on at the moment. It is hard to survive, hope you are doing ok.

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yes lucky i am trying every possible thing to raise my self esteem…!!
My self esteem was poor since my childhood…!!

Yep it is me in the picture, I have not been writing here in two months, but many things have happened in my life, one person whom I knew closely died, he had Alzheimer, I have also managed to lose some weight with my new exercise routine and diet, the summer 2017 is coming, my bicycle broke again and before this next summer I try to get a new bicycle, yesterday my mind was messed up because I had not slept well, but after my 11-hour sleep in this morning I felt good.


My bike costed me around 3000 rupees and it can cost more than that, today

I use it but it’s relatively new bicycle/bike

and I gave it away for free to the watchman residing in this apartment and

he said he is giving it to his relative who is going to school

and later he requested me for a jacket and I gave him

my university brand new jacket

I felt better but I always find myself not helping the unfortunate many

Wow I totally love cold weather

When I was a baby

my parents tell me

that I used to eat lots of snow

and always wanted to visit zoo

my father’s friend would say

how many times will you go to zoo… etc

And later my Father used to call me Nisacharudu

Means Demon

because during the night I used to be very very active and jumping a lot on the bed

My parents used to say on several occasions that I should have been born in

a sweet shop because I eat way too many sweats

Also I used to ask my Parents to give me some tablets and I used to say

( They told me all this, they say it every time they get a chance to do so ) give me something

and if you don’t have anything

atleast give me calcium tablets

Now I know all those Sweets

All those Pepsi, Coke and Thumbsup

totally messed up my brain and damaged it way too much

As a child I had my share of ill luck being bullied since childhood to adulthood my fellow students

maybe I was an easy target because it was clearly evident that I am mentally challenged since childhood

I envy you guys living in such cold weather

If I were you I would totally enjoy it

But life is like a trick

You live a life then you are practically found absent elsewhere

So in this World I am fortunate to be an educated dumb ass

if I were to live in those ice Worlds I would be a total freak show

Didn’t realize how much I missed pictures of your town and your hats until I saw this. Happy New Year, @mjseu. It’s good to have you back.


@mjseu. Welcome back and Happy New Year! I like the photos of your town. :relaxed:

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Hey way12 go u look great in this Pic …bright like sunshine…!!

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@mjseu you are someone who mesmerizes me. I think you are a great guy. welcome back. we are supposed to get down to 3 degrees tomorrow night. it’s about 12 degrees outside right now. Hope my chicken survives.

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That pic of mine makes me look like someone did some harsh beating and that face looks like a out of order face, yes indeed, if you look closer.

What r u doing ryte now Way …Watching movies …!!!