New year 2014 any plans or dreams..?

i might be joining a golf club. getting a racing greyhound pup and swopping my car for a jeep all going well. whats yours?

roll on 2014


Me and my hubby will going to open another business next year. Hopefully people like to be part of our business soon. I have to meet new people and deal with a business with them every day soon. I know I can do it.


a new girlfriend would be a bonus…:slight_smile:


Getting on the right med dosages would be great.


I’m starting school at a university this spring semester. I hope to do well. I’ve also applied to Bryn Mawr College. I hope they accept me for the fall semester. They wouldn’t let me apply for the spring semester because of my age–over 24. So that’s why I’m starting at another university, just to get started.


i am a kind person but i am going to try hard to become even more kind.
take care


I’m hoping to return to college in September part time to do an art course, I’m hoping to become more independent and try and over come my social barriers so I can make some friends as I’m all on my tod. Hopefully anyway, I’ll see how things go! Good luck in your goals everyone!


I’m starting school again.

New year is always new gardens, seed catalogues, garden plans…

I want to be more self-sufficient. When I was living in my head and not taking care of myself very well, my kid sister practically waited on me like a maid. So much of her teen years were spent doing adult things instead of kid things. If I keep getting better, she can have some of that teen freedom back.

As always… I want today to be better then yesterday and tomorrow to always be better then today.


I want to find a job this year. Start saving up. I don’t mind living with parents it’s actually been very helpful to me. This Christmas, my mom was happier and able to open her presents and she got us gifts. For the new year, I have made up my mind to start making new friends also.


This year i will start using dating sites to find a girlfriend, ill try my best to go to the gym at least three times a week, ill try to do more outdoor activities, and try to get the fear out of going into psychosis, i have to realize i can handle psychosis. I ll try to cut down my cigarets,


You can do it. You can tame the psychosis. I’m rooting for you.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but if I have any calm in me at all, the psychosis, the hallucinations, the voices are easier to handle or ignore. When I amp into panic and paranoia then it’s all bad.

But just psychosis with no panic or paranoia gets sort of benign. Like this stupid cat that I keep seeing out of the corner of my eye. It’s an old pudgy tuxedo who just meows a lot and lopes around. It’s not a fire breathing demon cat, it’s just a cat I see out of the corner of my eye all the time and hear when I’m in the bath.

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For 2014, I hope to stabilize my mental and physical health. I’d like to be able to go out with friends more. And be able to run my own errands. Most of all, I want there to be less doctors appointments!!! I’m hoping to get on a once per six months schedule.




I have a novel I’ve been hoping to publish. Reduce my panic attacks (my friend so-amusingly calls them “scream sessions”) to maybe once a month. Find a medication that doesn’t give me insomnia. (The last one my doctor prescribed kept me up for five days straight).

Here’s to 2014 everybody!


i’d like to go to the Algarve in Portugal for a relaxing holiday after i pass my college course x


I am hoping to stay in remission and stay clean (I drank a little with my family last night, whoops, but theyre family it was a good time) and to make A’s in the coming year again. I think I need to continue dating, I dated a couple girls in the past couple months and it was enjoyable although I didnt stick with either of them, one quit answering my texts and the other was too eccentric, even for me.

Keeping up my studies and staying on my meds, socializing with new people, all very realistic and rather easy goals. Just more of the same! And I want to bench 250 and deadlift 500. Right now im at 240 and 455, so im getting there!


I want to purchase a garden plot at my local public park. That way I will have plenty of veggies during the summer.


This is the year I’d like to stop hearing voices. I am trying Clozapine next week, and I hope it works.

This is the 7th year I’ve heard voices around the clock. Since I have a real ■■■■■■■ in my mind, it’s really bad.

Getting rid of the voice would be transforming.


Write a complete album and record it. Walk my dogs more often. Clean my house and shower daily.

Get my own place again & find a really cool laid back woman to spend the rest of my life with loving each other…2014! Happy New Year to everybody!

I think I’m going to clean up my kitchen.