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Hi guys so I have been married to my wife for 12 years, we have had a great marriage last week everyday when i was at work she called the cops thinking someone was coming to kill her out then on Sunday she told me she was going to the store and we found her hours later waiting for Justin Bieber and Ryan philipe at the radio station.

We got her to come home and she got worse we thought it was her thyroid because she has graves disease, but those test came back fine.

She had paranoia, and delusions, she is convinced the radio is talking to her, she talks back to it she will take pieces of what she hears and piece it together for example the gas station commercial said you can win 1000 dollar gift card, her reality it said for her to go there to get her 1000 dollars from Donald Trump.

She is also convinced Trump is trying to kill her, and that she is going to get 500 million dollars. She thinks she is a famous actress and won 7 grammys as well.

She is convinced in her mind these things are happening I have never seen any signs other than staying online too long compulsing over it she is 37 yrs old

She is in a psych hospital now diagnosed with schizophrenia here are my questions.

How long do episides in general last?
Will she ever be the same?
Will she remember this ?
Will this happen again?


It’s good that you’re getting treatment early so there’s a chance that the episode won’t last too long. Eventually she will return to her normal self once the medication does its job. She will most likely remember (I’ve remembered the two episodes I’ve had). I only had a second episode because I went off of my medication. It may or may not happen again but there is a chance it won’t since you caught it early.

Good thinking getting her to a doctor once you noticed something was wrong.

Edit: I am saying this based off of my experience but the condition effects everyone differently. I hope this helps to ease your mind.


Plz help her …she needs ur love and care…!!!


Those questions are all hard to answer. It really depends on the person. It is different for everyone


Q # 1. and Q. #2 - Everybody is different some come home a week later and can have some degree of relief of symptoms.
Others must try different doses or combos of psych meds and that can take a while.(yrs) until you see significant improvement.
Others, are very lucky and recover enough to hold a job. It can run the whole range.

  1. Geeze, we hope not. but many times, we do.

  2. Completely unknown

Real help:
She must refrain from alcohol, rx abuse, and street drugs all together. They do us much harm.

She needs, needs , needs a calander and respectful help to remember to take meds. Our days often blur together, so we forget.

Physical exercise, activities, hobbies, and inclusion by family cant be neglected. It is part of recovery. I encourage you to go so far as to clearly state the things you rely on her to do everyday. make these small things she can handle. She needs to know she is still family and responsible to other family members as well as herself.(as you are responsible to her. You are all a team, and you all work your parts)

Practice patience, as some of us have bad memories.

Join a support group for families your self

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I forgot to mention to have what is called a mental health crisis team ph# on hand.

Now, I refer you “D mods” to get you to the family side. This side is for those with Sz or related symptoms.

They will post you link/button. Youll want to bookmark it.

best wishes


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@jg42122, I’d like to encourage you to join our forum for Family and Caregivers that can be found at:

While this is a peer support forum for people with schizophrenia and other closely related psychotic disorders, the Family forum is specifically for people like yourself, who have a loved one they are concerned about.

Also, please let your loved one know about this forum as they may find it helpful.

Best of luck,

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