New Treatment "Reverses" Alzheimer’s Disease

I’d put this in the News category, but it’s not schizophrenia-related. It’s about Alzheimer.

Ten patients suffering from various degrees of age-related cognitive decline have seemingly had their lives transformed after receiving a new form of highly personalized treatment. Describing their research in the journal Aging, the study authors claim that, thanks to their new approach, “patients who had had to discontinue work [due to their condition] were able to return to work, and those struggling at work were able to improve their performance.”

Dubbed metabolic enhancement for neurodegeneration (MEND), the treatment involves a 36-point program that includes medication, dietary changes, vitamin supplements, brain stimulation and exercise, among several other things. In a statement, lead researcher Dale Bredesen described the improvements experienced by the 10 participants as “unprecedented,” adding that “follow up testing showed some of the patients going from abnormal to normal.”

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Good news though …
i wanna hear this kind of positive news on sz of course…
Anyways thanks for sharing…!!!

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Hmmm … Wonder if this can be reproduced by other researchers. Good bit of news.


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