New Treatment For Schizophrenia Discovered In Finland (2013) - Famotidine


Seriously? PEPCID?!?!?!

What does PEPCID mean?

I thought anti psychotics were discovered when a doctor noticed that anti histamine tablets reduced symptoms 60 years ago.

Pepcid is the brand name of Famotidine in the US. It’s an over the counter antacid.

The article says you have to take 5 times the recommended dose for it to have an effect. They don’t know how safe it is. They also don’t state how big an improvement there is. Let’s not rush into overdosing on this stuff folks!

Pepcid (Famotidine) causes osteoporosis if taken long term.

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Old fake ass news…

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Do they eat a lot of shark fin in Finland, hence its name??

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July 2013? Really @HopeSeeker, 4 years ago? Cmon.

Lol sorry, I searched to see if anyone else had posted it yet… Thought it may have been of interest to someone… I am new to looking for a cure for schizophrenia/schizoeffective dissorder and just thought I’d post anything that I thought might be of interest to someone here… I did put 2013 in the description cause I realise it is old… sorry once again…


Damn hope seeker! You got my panties all bunched up over this new drug. Can you find something more recent?

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Don’t stress @HopeSeeker, this was the highlight of our morning here on schizophrenia forum… eduvigis can’t speak for everyone though. I was really excited, I enjoyed this discovery for a moment.

This drug is now in clinical trials as of 2016. I have no idea how to find the article again or I would post it.