New training program

About to have a Microsoft Team meeting about a school I might attend for 4 months.

Business Management certifications.


I would get a PMP certificate and a green belt in six sigma.


Good luck! :slight_smile:


Today they tell me it’s from 430 pm to 9 pm four nights a week. Yesterday it was 5 to 9. I don’t get off of work until 430. I don’t think I could do that with no break. I want the certificates and I don’t like working for the IRS. Want a new job.

Sounds like too much. I don’t think I could make it to 4 months doing that. If I was still on SSDI I would do it but with working that just sounds too tough.

With my work I have access to a site that says you can get PMP certified for free. It would probably take a lot of self discipline to do it by myself but I could do it during working hours probably and get paid for it.

I was supposed to get my work laptop back today. The IT lady shipped it next day air yesterday with UPS but I still don’t have it. Will investigate this more when I can get on my work computer.


My wife thinks I can do it. The site I have access to at work is Skill Soft. Anybody use it before?

I do teams classes on my iphone when I cant make it in front of the computer. Just a thought

I am going to try it. 12 and a half hour days four days a week.

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Well I signed up with the VA. Classes start on November 2nd. I thought they started last night but I guess that was the deadline to sign up.

They are going to ship me a new computer to for classes. I already have a computer. Guess I will have a spare.

This is going to be tough.


Good luck! You’ve done so well at working and taking care of yourself. I think you can do this.


Thanks. I think I might get burned out but I did 12 hour shifts at Walmart for about 9 months or so before I was stable so I might be able to do it.

Here is the school. They have lots of programs and if you are in Illinois it’s possible to get a grant.

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It’s an expensive program. I couldn’t afford it, but I’m happy for you that you can do it.

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The VA is paying for some of it and they are giving me a scholarship for the rest.

Won’t cost me a dime. For the first two months the VA will pay me $1500 a month while enrolled and I think I also get a $500 book stipend plus a free computer.

I have one month and 14 days left of GI Bill. The school is 4 months though so they are giving me a good scholarship.

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They said as long as the VA pays at least 25% I get a scholarship for the rest.

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Also included in the price they update your resume when you enroll and while you make progress in the classes. They also update it once you complete.

They also offer career placement services for life. The guy I talked to said a lot of people get hired on just for being in the program before they finish.

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That’s awesome! You’re so lucky! I hope it works out. Honestly, I think you’ll do well.


I am all registered and enrolled. Start next week.

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I finished my first week of school yesterday. It’s tough. I get burnt out.

I also had an interview for a project manager job today. I am really interested but don’t think I am real qualified yet. They said they would be back in touch next week.

It’s a remote position so work from home with 30% travel managing aviation platforms for the Air Force.

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