New to zyprexa

Am wondering if voices became more clearer when start zyprexa? Right now voices are fewer in a crowd feeling and still dont understand the voices but its clearer like I can picture the lines moving when one look at music beats or disco light other time. Juststaring at disco light and able to focus on one color spot n ffollowit

My son was on zyprexa for a short period. He didn`t say if anything got clearer but, he definitley got better-and felt better. Good luck to you

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the only thing i noticed on 20 mg zyprexa
was that i hold a pen in my hand and flick it fast too the left and right
and it had more motion trails without the medication than by using the medication.
So therefore i concluded that the medication must have soften, filter or slowdown my perception.

and that is what it does, it doesnt cure me.
just makes me a bit more numb.

I didn’t like Zyprexia. All it did was make me want to eat and eat bad stuff like chips and so on.

im on zyprexa 14 years

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Thank you all for replying.

So far I’ve had the munchies, bad I don’t know if I’m hungry or full. This is driving me crazy. My sweet tooth has rediscovered that sweets tastes heck a lot better than before

The voices are quieter some times but when I’m upset or agitated its louder and more clearer.

Same reason my son wanted off of it.

Hello, Pedro27, I’m glad you have been doing well with zyprexa. What dose are you on with this med? what are the major side effects?


I was on a pretty low dose of Zyprexa for a short while, I think it was only 5 mg - I had to get off of it because it worsened my condition and it gave me health problems, thyroid and high glucose levels.
Zyprexa is basically a super benzo, and it usually has a good track record for combating positive symptoms, but it did not do much for me. I remember not being all there mentally on it - I would blurt out anything that came to my mind, kind of like being on truth serum - I got in trouble with my brother when I said his wife had borderline