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What are some ways this site has helped you? What are some meds that helps manage sz?

Welcome :slight_smile:

This site has helped me with the support of the folks here, on my insight, on making sure I stay on meds, on finding friends :slight_smile:

I take 100mg of Xeplion (Invega Sustenna), good med, keeps me balanced.

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i am on one medication its an antidepressant called zoloft @ 50mgs/day works great for me

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It is the perfect place to say whatever you feel you need to say or ask questions about regarding mental illness or just life in general…

There are a lot of really experienced folk on here who know the ins and outs of weathering the march that is life with mental illness.

Conflicts do crop up when opinions differ, but most people are quick to forgive and be civil…

I don’t take meds… but you might want to consider natural supplementation of neurochemicals… meds are all about constriction and deactivation… 5-HTP is a serotonin precursor that can be taken regularly or as needed to curb bad moods… like more or less all of them… anger, sadness, anxiety… can induce sleepiness in small people…

That’s my main defense against losing my ■■■■ and it allows me to keep drinking my coffee…

there are others out there… L-Tyrosine for Dopamine and Norepinephrine… good for sexual performance… especially when combined with exercise and someone you really care about…

I’ve been using GABA supplementation but it’s effects aren’t quite as noticeable and only indirectly affects the levels of GABA in the brain by training the brain to produce more by using bodily demand created through exposure to high amounts then periodic absence… which gears the brain up to produce more to maintain homeostasis… or at least that’s what I’ve been told and it makes sense…

GABA is the brain’s natural neural inhibitor…

I’ll also add that Serotonin is shown to increase memory performance…

caffeine is useful in small quantities… the trick is to find subtle stimulation and not overdue it which can be mind/body ■■■■… leave you a shaking anxious frustrated wreck. Caffeine also helps with memory… in mild amounts.

Taurine is an interesting one… It effects modulation… or the activation of neurons in groups… I haven’t found a good way to explain how that works, but it’s like a regional prefiring in the brain and can really help with cognition… subconscious awareness of facets that might not come together otherwise… probably not the best thing for a SZ… as we got so much crap in our heads… not saying normies don’t as well… our mental dirt is often though delusional and unreal and can be rather frightening… sometimes it’s best to let memories rot and become unusable…

Life-style is key… Remaining sober if you can is super healthy and highly advantageous…

exercise is important as well as having an avenue of creativity… it’ll help you feel valid and distract you from the symptoms…

Many revolutionary and beautiful people had horrific mental illnesses… You can be that kind of person on any scale… whether you’re pushing the boundaries of human accomplishment or being a light against the dark for the people who you love in life…

Cognitive behavioral therapy can do a lot to help on feel more comfortable with the chaos of their inner world. I’ll say that the noise doesn’t ever quite go away… we all have a lot of time… and the brain just has to tick and tick and tick… but once you start to rationally get over your problems even just for a few minutes you start knowing that you can get passed your qualms and frustrations and lack of hope when you really need to.

Mindfulness… being aware of the mind and how it operates
Behavior chains… seeing the logical progression of your thoughts and where they come from (ties into the first thing)
Learning to not identify with your thoughts and to take them less seriously…
Learned optimism… just thinking positively and keeping a positive frame of reference on life in general…

those are a few of the tactics you can learn in therapy…

of course there is seemingly infinite more stuff out there to try and make life with mental illness easier…

(And don’t be a fucking creep on here… we’ve got enough of those already.)


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If you’re not on meds, you should talk to a doctor about them and follow their recommendations. It can take a while to find the right meds for you as everyone is different.

Just because one med works for one person it doesn’t mean it works for another person.

I’m on abilify 10mg. Which works for me, but might not work for someone else.



If you haven’t had your first break yet, such as, full blown psychotic episode of voices, fear, forced speech, or the likes,

please stay on the meds, and don’t go off of them without doctor saying so.
If I had started meds earlier in my life, I wouldn’t have had mine all these years later.

When you have your first hard fall, it’s downhill from there. avoid it.

at least that’s what I think, but @firemonkey knows more than me.

I talk to my friends, ask questions. Chill and have fun too. I’m on Latuda 100 mg and omega 3. :crown:

The advice about not going off meds without doctor’s say so and supervision is good. A few people are lucky and can manage to go cold turkey but for many it’s dicing with trouble.
The problem is picking out those people who have an optimal chance of coping without meds.
The consequences of getting it wrong can be immense.

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I take abilify 20 mg for schizoaffective and naltrexone 50 mg for alcoholism …both help me a lot

I’ve got a friend who tells me his genius came after his first hard fall,

but I think that’s myth, and artistry is developed on levels that include maturity, dedication, learning.

Thanks people. You all have very good insight. It’s great to know how you each are able to manage sz. I can get through this.

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best of luck… just enjoy your life even though you have schz… that’s what I do… stay on your meds and take it easy.

hey, I have schizoaffective disorder and have been on meds off and on for about 6 years. I do recommend staying on meds since going off is an emotional rollercoaster with show effects in the form of hallucinations. I have been on this site for a few years and almost everyone on here is helpful in each their own way. if you need help this is the place to get it.

we would love to know more about you, please don’t be a stranger.


I’m here to meet friends. Friends who understand and aren’t afraid to bring me back on earth when paranoia strikes.

I’m on Abilify 25 mg and Seroquel 300 mg. And a bunch of sleeping pills.

Medication is individual. You need to try different meds before you find the right one.