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Will do MrSquirrel, I didn’t know that. I’m still wading through my post-admission requirements, I’ll have to share.


preferably in a comment, and not your own personal thread.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I have sza too
Hope being here helps you as much as it helps me
It’s a great place to be! :blush:

I now have a record of every immunization I’ve ever had. (30+ shots) I also got a letter from my doctor explaining my hospitalization in one term of college, for financial aid. I can afford school, but a payment plan would be nice to have setup.

Next steps are the drug test and meeting with my academic advisor.

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Shaken or stirred?

And again a welcome!

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Can’t get ahold of the academic advisor by phone or email. Oh well I’ll keep trying. Got 2 vaccines yesterday, hep B and varicella. Seeing if I can build immunity to hep B, if not I’ll be exempt from needing immunity. My last booster didn’t “take”. Also just needed another shot of varicella.

I completed all my other immunizations, background check (clean!) and cpr training.

Welcome to the forum🙂


Met with my academic advisor today, turned in my financial aid appeal and extension. Also made the deposit and contract. These two vaccines really hit me hard, I couldn’t imagine going through vaccinations in the military.

Drug test coming up, but I’m in no position to be using drugs anyway. :roll_eyes:


Passed the drug test. Last couple things before classes are updating my titer results for the hep B vaccines when the time comes to be tested and going to orientation tomorrow.

I’m so excited! I’m dreaming about phlebotomy.

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