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Hello everyone, I’m going to be a millionaire and win the lottery, and marry the girl of my dreams. Gods government is testing me right now, my friend had heaven on earth and sent me to outer space.

Hey, welcome to the forums, I’m glad you made it back from outer space. I’m just getting back from inner space.

So we’re both in the here and now at the same time.

Hope all is well.

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I am satan and your going to burn in hell forever. I am god of my own universe where I have saved everybody.

Welcome. Surprised just has a good sense of humor. He didn’t mean to offend you.

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I will help you see the way, I will give you all the riches of the world for your soul

Hehehe…riches of what world for my soul? Yours? Mine?
Nah, no thanks, but I did bring marshmellows.

At least you can post new topics. I can’t get past the category list without the system telling me that I need to select a category. Welcome Jeff, I’ll take all the riches you got for my soul.

I’ve already burned in hell. My mother’s name was Helen, Hell for short. And when I was about to be born, the doctor didn’t show up and the hospital was so disorganized that they thought they couldn’t replace him. So they drugged my mother to stop the labor until the doctor showed up. He never did and I was burning in Hell for quite awhile. until the hospital finally got the idea that a stand in would do. Sheeeeesh!

When asked for my first name, I’d tell them it’s “helen” and your last name?


Heaven seems hard to believe and most of the people who claim to be going there are awfully pretentious. If I were to face God on Judgement Day, I would definitely have a list of questions ready.

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