New to risperidone

I changed meds from amisulpride to risperidone. any comments on risperidone?


Hello and welcome.
I also changed from amisulpride to risperidone because of severe akathisia (restlessness) and blurred vision. On risperidone I no longer had those problems.

Why did you need to change?

Both amisulpride and risperidone are good for positive symptoms like hallucinations, paranoia or delusions.
Both meds increase the prolactine levels.
Some people get tachycardia (high heart rate) on risperidone, but I was spared.
Recommended risperidone dosage ranges from 2mg to 6mg. I used to take 3mg.

Feel free to ask if you have doubts or questions.

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I am currently on 4mg of risperidone.
I might have to increase it some more.
Don’t have much more to tell you about risperidone.
It has been an effective med for me but it does have side effects.
@Andrey said it all! :slight_smile:

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now I take 6mg of risperidone.
I changed because amisulpride couldn’t protect me from confusion & episodes.

Hmm you could be treatment-resistant, but I hope not.
Since when do you take risperidone?
Are you better now?

(You seem lucid to me)

Risperidone didn’t raise my prolactin as much as amisulpride.

I am better, yes. but I am a bit drowsy…

Im on 10mg it has been good for me im treatment resistant and its the only thing that works

Would say it’s a good medication for first time psychosis. I got some side effects off of it and moved to something else but it sure helped get my mind out of weirdsville.

It’s such a hit or miss thing as we all react differently to medications. There’s no science to it so hopefully this change works out for you. As with most psych drugs you need to give it a decent amount of time to work…like six weeks.

Risperdone gave me gynecomastia

I am on risperidone and it is the most effective med for voices for me. In the beginning I had akithisia and depression as side effects but over time they went away - it took about a year. I am a man and it sometimes makes my nipples hurt, so there’s that.

ooh that’s bad…

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Risperidone worked for me for the first month or two, but lost effectiveness despite upping dosage and began hearing voices again some time after.
But the first while it worked, it was great and helped clear my cloudy mind.
I also got hyperprolactinemia on it.

the same with amisulpride. after some time I had voices etc. maybe episodes are necessary and meds just decrease em

It could be, yeah, it definitely tunes down a lot of it for some time.
I also don’t think I was on a very good dosage, I started off on 0.5 mg and got bumped to 1 mg, so it could’ve been effective in higher doses for all I know.

I am on 6mg now.

I hope it works out for you more than it did me, I’m trying Abilify as of now, so I can’t report anything yet, if it goes for positives or negatives.

it is supposed to treat both positive & negative, but I dont know…

Yeah, it’s a trial and error sort of deal, so I’ll try to remember to update anyone on how it goes for me.

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Cipher amigo sup… did u changed ur medication.
. Which med are u on now…i am on 4 mg rispridal…it good to sleep on it…