New to me laptop up and running

I’m very surprised the previous owner didn’t repair this system. I installed the new lid and display plus the broken connector cable. I was able to clean the keyboard with a soak in distilled water and hitting it with a hair dryer (smelled like rum). Cost me about $130 CDN for a late model Dell Precision with 32 GB fast RAM, 6GB onboard video, i7 6 core, and USB C. Haven’t benchmarked it yet, but it’s fast.

People throw away the most valuable things.


Yeah that is a steal and good reconditioning!

I remember when car parts were reconditioned. Alternators. Get them rebushed and going again for a lot less cost. That modern world is so throw away and it’s nuts. I love how there’s little communities sprouting up reconditioning old products because they usually aren’t that old. …i7 6 core I’d imagine it would bench pretty good!

Good job sir!

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It’s a Precision, which is high end stuff. The only way it would get better is if it was Alienware (the last good laptop I brought home for myself).

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Windows 11 compatible. Upgrading now. Man, the fans in this thing really rev up when the CPU is under load. Awesome.

Mate…yeah alienware is often overpriced for the hardware but a good intel i7 in a laptop with 32 gigs sounds pretty bloody good. I’m glad you took the punt and got it going…you can do so many good things I’d imagine for your hobbies with such a setup.

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awesome sauce !! yayyy…good for you…smartie.

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No kidding, but it tends to be so well engineered that it outlasts Asus products. That’s rare.

Photoshop is very happy on this thing. I also spent $20 more on the HDR replacement display panel so the dynamic range is pretty darn good.


Yeah big ram is good for image processing. You got a good deal on that whole setup!

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