New to clonazepam


Just started it and already my anxiety is doing better.


Clonazepam is a good medication.
Lasts all day, and isn’t as addicting as other benzos.
I’ve been on .5mg twice a day for a long time.


I take .75mg for my insomnia. It’s been working wonderfully. I don’t wake up during the course of the night.


I started taking Klonopin several months ago, and when I first took it my mind was a lot calmer, but now I don’t notice it, except when I forget to take it I won’t sleep.


I’m withdrawing from it. It’s hell, I’m shaky, jumpy and making real bad loose connections. Can’t follow a logical conversation, or hold my attention

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How long has it been since you stopped?


I stopped Saturday night


What does where you on an for how long?


.5-1mg prn since 2014. Every day since December

I started getting bad cognitive things happen to me, and I don’t want dementia when I get older


Well, i don’t know that what you are doing is safe.
But to each their own.
You should really taper off according to a schedule set by your doc.
Klonopin withdrawal can be brutal.
I wish you luck.
But please ask your doc for withdrawal medication if it gets too bad, there are meds to help.

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Thanks, my therapist always convinces me to stay on it, and I feel crappy when I leave there when I don’t have it in my system. What’s the med? @nfy


They won’t let me post the med

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Here is an article that lists the med I am talking about.

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I have 1 otc med on the list and 2 scripts so I have to make a decision, thanks for that site

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No problem.
I wish you the best.
I know it is a hard thing to do.

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@Winterblues how long were you on it?

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Since June 2014. It was a relief at first, and I slept 10hours after spending 3months only getting 2-3hrs of sleep. I couldn’t believe how clear my mind was! After years, it started doing the opposite.

It effects memory so bad, I used to be able to recall a whole week. For a couple years now, I lost that ability.


I really like it. I take it at night for sleep and anxiety (my symptoms are bad at night). I’ve been on it a little over a year and I’ve had no problems with it. The only difference is now I don’t notice it. It’s like I never took anything. If I forget is the only time I feel anything.


Klonopin/clonazepam is great for short term usage, that’s great you’re feeling better.