New therapy for Alzheimer’s passes final phase, now pending FDA approval


In its phase III trial, AMBAR was shown to significantly and dramatically slow the rate of Alzheimer’s disease progression (ranging from 42% to 75%, depending on the scale used), measured both in terms of mental decline and the ability of sufferers to carry out the activities of daily life. Its clinical trials, which have involved thousands of people, have also shown this therapy to be safe.

Because this was a phase III clinical trial, the therapy has reached the end of its pre-sales research. All that remains is to get the therapy registered and accepted with the FDA, after which it will become available; this therapy will likely be available in the next few years if nothing changes.


I watch the news for this kind of thing, and I did not see this coming.

Interestingly, it uses albumin, a natural protein, to remove amyloid beta in the bloodstream and brain.


I know I’m only 30 but I think you can actually do this procedure yourself and net a profit,

Eat a heavy couple meals of albumin rich food or take an albumin supplement. Donate plasma. Get paid to remove a beta from your brain.


Cool stuff, it’s a terrible disease