New therapist went well

The new therapist was supportive but she kept saying my name was carissa. She said I already made head way with the previous two therapist but she understands if I don’t tell her everything in the first couple of appointments


I’m glad it went well for you @cbbrown!

I asked for a new case manager weeks ago and they haven’t sent me someone new yet.

I’m disappointed with the system right now.

Good for you, luckily my first therapist is the best one I could ask for.

I would never see a therapist.

Did you correct her about your name or did you just let it go? Speak up about it before you end up being misidentified or an unknown.

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Yeah I corrected her she apologized but said it was the first time meeting me


I switched therapist not because I had a choice but because the first two were transferred

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My therapist called me Kristen for 3 years, which is close to my name, but not actually my name. I didn’t correct her the first couple times and then I was too embarrassed to say anything because I hadn’t said anything before.

Good for you for speaking up!

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That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard on here all evening if you don’t mind me sayin’.

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Glad your new therapist went well. I’m a bit the same as you. It takes me time to work up trust with my therapists, and i don’t divulge everything in the first meeting either. Good luck, and hope you’re doing alright.

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