New technique for focusing

CLUE: Current, Level, Understanding, Everything. Just remember the phrase and it tells you how to think. Focus on the current or your present, Level can fluctuate too, Understand what you can or do understand, Everything in your mind or in front of you, E could also be emotion.

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Maybe more want to try this. For me teqniques work better than drugs (meds).

A technique for focusing would be good.

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Yeah, i think with the solitary emphasis on meds we lose other things that can be helpful. Its the main reason i dont like this website so much. There are so many other ways to help us. But, here they base everything on meds as if they are all pharma reps.

I think this is because there is such a big difference med compliance can make. I agree though the meds don’t get you even close to all the way there.

EDIT: And they can cause disabling side effects which many gloss over.

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