New sz medication name?

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had the name of that new sz research med that is supposed to be very effective while also having no side effects. I remember the name was just letters and numbers. My sister works in the health care field and she wanted to check it out.



Well thers many unrealeased ones that claim that bcz they dont directly act on dopamine. Thers SEP-363856, KarXT, etc

Also they do have side effects but they claim to have less than current meds. I think currently Lumateperone has the least side effects but anyways side effects depend on individuals too, not only the med.

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im pretty sure this one has no side effects. because it doesnt act like other drugs, that controls dopamine in the brain, it target a particular receptor that doesnt really control domapine levels it does something different with the brain i forgot but thats why it doesnt have side effects, i watch the video.

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There’s not a single drug in the world that has no side effects @oe1489

We’ll see as I read that TAAR receptor affects dopamine.

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“TAAR1 plays a significant role in regulating neurotransmission in dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin neurons in the CNS”

i dont know i watch the video thats what the guy said, will see when it comes out. im not that sure yet will see. I hope it doesnt have side effects that will ground breaking, thats what he said also. He said this medication will change everything. just watch the video see for yourself.

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Sounds like snake oil, very fake. Don’t believe what you here especially when someone guarantees to cure everything. Closest thing you going to come to that cure is Amyloban (Lions Mane). It works, I take it, my mom takes it, there’s been clinical studies on it for many brain function related issues. It’s just crazy expensive

You the type people that really have negative outlook at science, we created a covid vaccine within one year, it takes 5-10 years to do that we did in record time, what can’t you believe that we make a drug can help people with schizophrenia the suffer from anxiety, depression, delusions, paranoia. the olders drugs block dopamine thats why they had the side effects, this one targets the tar receptor, the lowers dopamine, so you dont have the horrible sides anymore. you got have a positive outlook my friend okay. be hopeful.

Yea i found the link to the video i watch the drug is called Sep 363856 in trial phase i pray it gets approve i want to the medication. this will be great.


I’ll be the first to say they only way to be the best you can is with drugs. Only with the advancement of science and medicine has anything really gotten better with sz patients.

I’m not trying to be negative, I hope there are better drugs in the future… but I’ve been listening to that for a long time

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You dont have to wait anymore its happening in real time now its in trial meaning that the drug is created now they are testing if its safe, if claims that has least side effects or no side effects. Stable. yes your prayers has been answer so. dont worry bro its already here :grinning:

I have never heard of any drug out there, of any kind, for any disease, that doesn’t have side effects on some portion of the population.

The side effects on this new miracle drug may be minimal or rare, but no side effects, I don’t believe it. Some people will have side effects and for some people it won’t work. That is just the history of medication.


I dont know but what i got from the video i understand this drug has no side effect i might be wrong though. Dont take me to heart lol. :blush: watch the video maybe i miss something.

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This is the med I was thinking of. Thanks!

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Yea no problem bro :blush:

The problems with side effects is that some people will get side effect’s although they only take a hay fever pill or an asperin meanwhile others like me who is on heavy duty’s meds only get a little stiffnesses in my legs and a dulled cognition, So to say if you are young don’t go for the major tranquilizer’s like Haldol or Clozapine because it will make it much harder to return to lighter meds versions like Abilify or Latuda.