New symptom.....oh joy


Recently I’ve been under a lot of stress with the PTSD stuff and school. The other night it all seemed to hit me at once. I started pacing and rocking. The demon was in my face telling me that I was worthless. All of this was stressing me out more. So I took my night time meds which include Seroquel and Vistiril and once they kicked in I calmed down and could sit still. I was still having a hard time though and asked my mom to play the distraction game with me. I couldn’t think though and was thinking in pictures. I tried to express what I wanted to say but it came out “the pink ribbons in the sun fuse together in the synapse through the garage that comes out the other end.” I remember saying that. That’s not what I meant. It’s like I forgot how to talk. I’ve been told that when I’m psychotic my movement and speech is disorganized, but this is the first time I’ve been this disorganized. It scares me to think how this illness may be evolving. This past year along with my regular symptoms I’ve been more effected cognitively. Have any of you noticed an evolution of this illness as you get older or does it seem to calm down? Just curious. :sunny:


I haven’t noticed anything new that sticks around for more than a few moments. Sometimes the voices do no things. I am always watchful of my symptoms. Good luck I hope it was just a glitch.


I’m sorry your having a rough go of it right now. I do hope you feel better soon. Rest… recharge… and try not to get too discouraged when the glitches surface.

I do feel that the hard kick of my positive symptoms have calmed down a lot as I’ve grown older. I think it’s from Three factors…

Being med compliant
Being in therapy that gave me coping tools and ways to deal with some of this head circus
Not being on drugs or alcohol for nearly 6 years.

I also wanted to add… when I am having a panic attack, or my wheels are falling off… I do get very disorganized speech.

I also think… now that I try to be more self aware… when I do fall into the disorganized speech or the rocking or the circle pacing… and I realize I’m doing it… it upsets me more then it used to.


You write very clearly, so I wouldn’t get too worried. I’m a 55 year old male. I can’t say that my illness has changed that much over the years. I seem to have pretty much stayed the same. I do have trouble putting words with the objects they name. A few days ago it took me a while to remember what anti-oxidants were. I’ve had trouble remembering what hepatitis is. The list goes on and on. I hope it is mental congestion and not Alzheimer’s.


Hopefully it was just a glitch. This past year on top of my other symptoms I’ve been having cognitive problems. This is somewhat new. My old pdoc told me as I get into my 30s things will start to calm down.
@crimby I wouldn’t worry about that too much. My mom is a couple years older than you and she does that all the time and she’s an OT. I’m sure if it was Alzheimer’s or Dementia related she would know as that’s the population she works with. It’s just a combination of getting older and stress. :sunny:

I do not know what the diagnosis is for it, but when I amoved going through a lot of stress, the words I WA t to say, come out as something totally different, I can to stop it from happening, and people look at me lIke I have 2 heads, so I try simple de-stressors,like sleeping when I can by making sure I get an afternoon nap when possible, havING alone time when I feEl myself getting too anxious,  and talking myself down when the voices start to get louder, because for me it is a sign that my speech is going to become affected.


for me it has calmed down thanks to cbt…meditation…it used to be a nightmare, now it is more like a bad dream…!?!
take care :alien: