New Study: Persons with schizophrenia migrate towards urban areas due to the development of their disorder or its prodrome

I suspect this might not be helpful because cities - with all the people and cars, and violence - would be more stressful than rural environments. But - at the same time the greater number of people in cities might also be helpful because it encourages some social interaction which is helpful for most people I suspect.

Persons with schizophrenia drift towards urban areas as a consequence of the disorder or its prodrome.


I like my little town, it is quite different from Helsinki or some other larger city. While it is a little town, rural areas are very close and it is easy to go from the town to these rural areas. I have no automobile which restricts my movements quite a lot, but when I had an auto I used to visit my mother’s farm regularly in another little town and its rural surroundings.

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In general, what I have seen working in both urban and rural environments is that sz is more accurately assessed, dx’d and rx’d in urban populations when pts are middle, professional and/or upper class backgrounds, but not when they are from working or welfare class origins.

I have run into some shockingly poor understanding and (mis-) tx of the psychotic disorders in rural settings… as well as gawd awful dxing and rxing in poor urban settings. (Urban community mental health? Veterans Health System in urban centers? Proceed at your own risk. Sigh.)


Good point - I had not considered that. Resources for treatment are much better in urban areas - if you can get access to them. Most psychiatrists and psychologists live in urban areas.


I wonder how much it’s do with financial imperatives created by often low paid work or no employment at all, I don’t know about the US but inner city/town housing tends to be cheaper in the UK. Very few people with severe mental illness can afford properties in the suburbs unless they have inherited it.

Yep. It’s urban squalor or rural, trailer park / Spahn Ranch whackoness if you’re “crazy.” That’s for sure.

I want to move somewhere small and quiet. City life sucks.

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