New Study: 6 months of Sarcosine Use Reverses Glutamate System (Memory / Cognition) Damage Done with Schizophrenia

I already came to this conclusion and can confirm this is news is true. I’ve used Sarcosine for 4/5 years, each day. For over a year I stopped taking it, some very disturbing and disabling symptoms Sarcosine got rid off never returned.


Hi - what were the “disturbing and disabling symptoms” that came back when you stopped taking the sarcosine?

You are misreading, I said didn’t return after I stopped using it.

Ah - my mistake. So you are no longer taking Sarcosine now? But you did you use it for 4 or 5 years.

Are you taking anything else now - medications or supplements?

No, not using it on a regular basis anymore. Yes, only on medication. Temporary on 10mg Zyprexa, 30mg Mirtazapine and permanently on 74mg Latuda and 2/3 times daily 0.50mg on Clonazepam. No supplements or whatsoever, however I’m going to trial Fasoracetam soon to see if it’ll affect negative symptoms.

Could you plz share which symptoms specifically you got rid of?

Disturbing thoughts that clearly weren’t my own. That it disappeared in only 3-4 days for 80-90% was such a life changing relieve! (Can’t really be more specific than this, I was among one of the first persons that tried Sarcosine. My detailed experience got deleted together with the old forums). Other symptoms, like most people experience were improvement of negative and slightly cognitive symptoms.

Couldn’t they have been more specific about these results? Were people more likely to go back to work, school etc? Were they more likely to make friends or date?

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new users cant put links, but look for the longcity dot org post of the guy taking 2500mg starting out!

Could be harmful to take so much!

Sounds too good to be true. Why doesn’t my doctor gave me on it then?

Key reasons are probably the research is relatively new (past few years), there have not yet been that many studies so its still early, and its a supplement not a drug.

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my brothers takes sarcosine 14 days ago. There is improvement but mild. He takes 2 grams a day. Do you think that there would be more improvement as time goes by? There is improvement in sleep and fewer isolation. Thanks