New Story line

So, I haven’t given up on my original story, but a new one has been toying along in my head. I don’t know all the details yet, I’m still in the very early planning stages of it but I don’t know if it is a good idea or what so I thought I’d share the one paragraph summary of it to see what everyone thinks about it.

Courtney and her friends decide to have a fun Halloween party at a supposedly haunted mansion. Courtney realizes everything she knows, about her family, is a lie. After being scared out of the minds, and mildly injured the group decides to leave the house, but something is preventing them from doing so. Since they can’t break the object directly they decide they must destroy the house the object is in, with hopes that the destruction of the property will destroy the object. Following the destruction of private property, and one missing party member, and a dead party member the remaining group members must deal with the consequences of their actions, it will prove to be the most unforgettable Halloween party of their lives.


It sounds cool.

It’s a good story. It is something you should pursue.

I’m looking into it, gathering information/research, trying to see how I can mold it into a full novel, and debating if I should just run with it as a short story? I don’t know, it’s still very early in my work process. I haven’t given up on my original story, just hit a dead end and thought working on other projects might spark something along the lines in that story.

the original story being:

Heather Russell is a strong independent woman living in the city of St. Louis Missouri, just trying to survive life. Unknown to Heather, before she was born, her birth parents opened a portal into the spiritual realm and unknowingly allowed a soul collecting demon access to this world. Heather was put up for adoption at the young age of five because of spiritual attacks not only from the demon but other negative spirits being controlled by the demon, she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle who didn’t believe in an afterlife raising Heather to believe in the same. Eventually over time the spirits and demon seemed to forget about Heather until the untimely death of her birth-parents causing her name to go on the dead to the land and property they owned, which had the open portal on. Now she must find away to banish this demon who attached himself to her and close the portal protecting herself and others from future attacks from this creature. Can Heather overcome her fear of being bogged down by too many rules set forth by religion and find something strong enough that can banish this murderous demon back to the depths of hell?

I’m about half way finished with this novel. While my goal is to someday be a published author, like Stephen King, or Laurell K. Hamiliton I enjoy writing and creating stories, it makes me feel productive.

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That’s a good one too.

Writing is good for the mind.

I was in a creative poetry class and I liked it. I liked my poetry at least.

I don’t want to join a class because I’m afraid someone would say I was no good…I guess I’m always thinking about that, but something about a teacher grading your every bit of work frighten’s me. I think it’d take the fun out of my writing, then I kind of being forced to write what the teacher wants you to write, and not work on what you want to write…

Yeah, that’s why I quit art. The teacher once stopped the whole drawing class, told us to erase all our work, and draw like this one girl. The favoritism and pettiness got to be too much. I didn’t take art in high school, so I was a little behind, but I was good at throwing pottery (for those of you who’ve never heard the term, it is throwing on a potter’s wheel). I wanted to get a PhD in ceramics.