New science could be the cure for sz

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Can’t wait for the CBD based antipsychotic meds to be arriving soon.

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Is Sz really just the wrong reaction for this universe, but perfectly explained in another (parallel) universe?

But we don’t need no cure for schizophrenia, what people really need is the ability to either sterilize everyone here or vaporize the entire earth in an instant.

Thats what we could all use i tell you!

Vaporization would be easier and that is the most logical route to take, because honestly who the hell would keep doing this let alone put more people here?!

I’m pretty sure it is just a matter of time before vaporization. Sooo many countries have nuclear weapons. All it is going to take is one person getting their panties in a bunch and boom. Once one person nukes the other everyone is just going to start nuking everyone they can as fast as they can.

I just hope that Obama moons Putin. If we are going to go out, I want to go out like that. Putin is a jerk.