New schizophrenia treatment guidelines from APA

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The APA now recommends using long-acting, injectable medications for adults

No way for me.


I agree. This is not agreeable. Permanent sedation only exacerbates the economic burden patients become


Not every med is available here as injectable, and if I start getting side effects I don’t like, I want the control not to take something that’s causing me problems.

This is definitely a doctor decision made against patient interest and agency


I would do it for Vraylar only. Maybe Clozaril if it worked. But I had NMS and they don’t recommend injection for us.

I agree, you’ve summed it up perfectly

In my honest opinion, it is for them a case of just wanting an easier job to deal with. half the drs aren’t even worthy of the Hippocratic oath imo

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This makes me so cross.

When I was diagnosed, I had no idea what was going on.

They turned me into a zombie drone for two years before I realised that most of what was going wrong was driven by the meds making me so tired all the time, and fat.

This takes a step further back from any patient regaining that control as their decision.

Honestly, like you say this is just to make the doctors life easier. Even if it’s a painful road, people have the right to be on meds that suit them, not the doctor.


I’m happy taking pills thank you. Don’t want the shot. They are a pain in the butt.

I can’t afford the long lasting injectable so that clearly wouldn’t work for me

I prefer the injection I wouldn’t take my pills regularly because of laziness or not feeling well or id just forget

Why don’t they take the meds themselves and then hear what they gotta say.