New risperidone 6 monthly implant{f2bfa00a-0e35-4b00-8591-b838bae96f91}/risperidone-implant-safe-effective-for-schizophrenia


This new risperidone 6 monthly implant is in phase 3 trials with good results.

How do you think the implant works? Would you need surgery or what?

I can’t wait for this because I hate having injections every 2 weeks. It hurts sometimes.


I am seriously considering this for me in the future.
I want to make sure that I don’t go Bananas ever again.
I become a danger towards others when I’m not stable.


I think they do it like the birth control implants. Local numbing, insert tubules under the skin. Haven’t officially heard, but don’t think they’ll reinvent the wheel there.

Do you think the procedure would be quick and painless?

I can’t wait for this, it could be out half way through next year.

Sheesh, if this works they can do it with minimal time and pain. It much less pain than shopping at a Walmart.

It’s like getting 6 months worth of food from Walmart instead of every 2 weeks.

It will be a HUGE help!

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So how long potentially until this is in use?

They say it will be mid-2018.