New research says lead pollution is a probable cause of mental illness

Makes sense, but so does every other theory.

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From my research broccoli sprouts are supposed to eliminate pollutants from the body.

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Our parents didn’t have microwaves, and cooked a lot with older frying pans.


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I think a lot of mental diseases could be helped once we go electric cars

I think MI is just getting worse, especially with youth. They are living two lives…their real life…and their Internet persona. When those two collide, it can be tough.

I only had one life growing up, and if anything of note happened it stayed within a small group…it wasn’t broadcast all over Social Media.

I think the speed of communication is warping our minds. The brain is a muscle that needs rest, but everyone is wired 24/7/365.

Steve Jobs unknowingly destroyed civilization.


This is just one of the tiny possibilities.
The biggest causes are genetics and drug use.

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