New psychiatrist tomorrow

May be an aprn. My pdoc wanted me to go to a rehab or else he wouldn’t see me. But I wasn’t ready to go to a rehab. I may go anyways. But I had to get a new person to prescribe my meds for now.

I hope they’re willing to give me 5 mg a month of klonopin. That’s about all I need. I literally microdose klonopin and take usually an 1/8th of a milligram maybe at most each morning. And it sets my really right. However in the hospital I was taking .5 a day. The substance I’m thinking of trying to quit helps me take less klonopin. But it’s not by a lot and it’s not really totally worth it.

I’m gonna be very honest with the prescriber. About my needs. I have my therapist today and ultimately she will help me make a decision on rehab.


Best of luck with it @Jonnybegood


Thanks @everhopeful it’s a hard decision because it’s gonna be painful and my mental health is probably best off in the short term the way I am now. However I think in the long term I’m capable of much more. But the first months of being sober do suck but then maybe it can get better if I have the strength and capability now.

It’s hard when something did help you but now it’s not worth it anymore

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