New prose from Daze

The Instruments (new prose) (A true story)

The young girl says when will I be at a point where I have eaten all I can run all I can read all I can and

her mother says when you’re 47 the girl wanted to grow and not be planted have roots but not get stuck

her mother said your heart will branch your lungs will branch your spirit will branch they go down to

the school where the kids are choosing instruments like choosing who they will marry the young girl

picks up the small light ones first the mother is silent she thinks of her frame and her daughter’s frame

of mind after awhile the mother points over the big heavy baritone propped up alone in the corner

try this one and the young girl picks it up and feels This is what it’s like to be big she holds it in her lap

and the best sound comes out of it her mother smiles and nods her head the young girl says you think

mom? Yes and music heart lungs and spirit from then on became larger than life



Sweet poem and very smooth.


I’m having time accessing my blog

Might try the library from now on

I really enjoyed reading that Daze. It’s very well written.

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I just wrote it

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this pic goes with my poem I wrote yesterday. One tough girl.


Lovely! So clearly descriptive and intimate. Nice writing, @Daze!

thank you, kind of you

wish I could access my new blog

have good Sunday.

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Wow Daze, I really love what you wrote, wow :slight_smile:

Oh thanks

It comes easy once I have the idea

I just build up to it

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