New project, New purpose

My car doesn’t have a spot for aux cord or anything so I’m attempting to make my own visor CD case because I dont feel like buying one. It will either turn out ok or go horribly wrong. Either way it gives me something to do.


You could buy an fm transmitter?


Maybe eventually, but as of right now I shall use the discs I have and save as much money as I can.

Depending on what kind of car you have you can install your own aux chord. I installed one in my car a few years ago and it was pretty easy. Glad I did because my cd player stopped working this past winter haha.

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You can plug your cd player into the fm transmitter and then transmit to the car radio.

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@Schizoidman I know you can do things with the cigarette lighters they have built in but it’s broken so I dont think that will work. Plus I like being a little old fashioned and using CDs

@everhopeful I would like to get it eventually. Just not right now. Plus now I have a project to do. I’ve been lacking in projects lately.

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Best of luck with the project :four_leaf_clover:

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You don’t need the cigarette plug, you buy an aux adapter specific for your car and you connect it to cables at the back of your radio. I did it in a honda civic 2008. You can see the tutorial on youtube.

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I’ll probably do something similar to that eventually but I dont want to buy anything right now. And I’m slightly old fashioned and like CDs and radio.

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