New phone!

So my iphone died and had to get a new one. Just makes you wonder when the battery dies so quickly but need a phone and it was just spending all day to not even charge it.

Got a 14 on a plan so paying it off over a couple of years but should only be about $15 on top of our monthly bill which is doable. Just a pain in the ass to have to change over and though lots of things go across ok damned if any of my passwords work…Like it’s a two and a half year phone and I’ve no idea of what the heck my password was and further authentication doesn’t work because my debit card details are out of date…Driving me crazy trying to sort it out but looks like have to wait to add my apple stuff. Doh. First world problems.


Every time I get a new Samsung it restores everything from the previous phone’s online backup including all accounts and passwords. But, hey, iPhones are so much more user friendly, right?




Yeah it does most of it but the uber Apple password is just a joke. I try to reset but even the linked debit card was old…yeah my bad for not updating but now I’m locked out for a day. So much for user friendly for sure… :frowning:


Sorry mate, couldn’t resist. You know I love you.


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haha…It’s all good. Happens every time because I never prepare and trying to change your Apple password has become a journey equivalent to climbing Mount Everest. I was going to do it today but got jerked around by the bloody store so had to jet down the road to an appointment I was told didn’t exist…the horror…the horror :slight_smile:


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