New perspectives for treating psychiatric disorders

Many researchers have focused on increasing glycine levels in synapses to find an effective treatment for schizophrenia.


I wonder if we will ever get to the bottom of this. The brain is so complex, probably not in my life time.


Good one dude.

Gives me some hope, maybe not even for myself, but if it could be therapeutic for someone.


very interesting.

The analysis revealed an unexpected structure of GlyT1. In contrast to other neurotransmitter transporters, which are bound by their inhibitors from the outer side of the cell membrane, GlyT1 is bound by its inhibitor from the inner side. “The structure was a surprise for us. It seems that the GlyT1 inhibitor must first cross the cell membranes before it can access GlyT1 from the inside of the neurons,” says Roger Dawson, a senior author in the study.

“This structure provides a blueprint for developing new inhibitors of GlyT1, be they organic molecules or antibodies,” explains Roger. “The sybody developed for this study binds GlyT1 at a previously unknown binding site and locks it in a state in which it cannot transport glycine any more. We could use this knowledge to develop drugs targeting not only GlyT1, but also other membrane transport proteins in the future.”