New pedal coming!

Have a new pedal coming in the mail. Had to buy my own power supply, but I got a 15% discount, so it evened out. Overall I paid what the pedal normally costs anyway, minus sales tax, so I’m still stoked.


That sounds awesome dude!

Hope you enjoy it.



Thanks Skunky! 1515


nice dude, only effect moduals i buy are digital tho :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I like both digital and analog for time-based effects, but prefer analog for any gain type stuff @ThePoet.
But I think if you’re buying plug-ins for a computer set-up, it’s all digital.
I think digital and modeling type effects have come a long way. I’m just basing it on YouTube videos, but I think it all sounds great.


yea i have no idea about analog stuff personally i dont play any instruments so i dont really have a need for it. at the moment everything is virtual for me haha

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Niceeeeeeeee thats awesome man! Sounds hella nice

My fav all time pedal is the dispatch master from earthquaker pedals, its a digital delay and reverb but sounds like an absolute dream man


I remember hearing about EarthQuaker years ago on the Pro Guitar Shop website, which folded a few years ago. They had a handful of cool fuzz pedals.
Nowadays they do a lot of cool delay-based stuff, they’ve really expanded their lineup for sure!
The only pedal I have from them is the Acapulco Gold. Love it tho.


Yes their Klon clone is sick I forget what its called

They make good stuff man

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