New pdoc wanted to convince me

He knows i am on a disability support pension and therefore on low income. He asked me if i am rich or poor. How stupid does he think i am ?

Seems like a weird question to ask somebody. Most people arnt rich. Maybe he wanted to see how you responded to see if you are in reality, thoughts are organized, not agitated etc.


Yes, he wasn’t helping, he just frustrated me. I am so happy i see him only every two months. I don’t need that sort of testing anymore. They are other ways to do that.


I am not obligated to give any answers which make sense.

I dont go to psychiatrist because its a fundamentally risky situation to be in. If you get agitated with the doc or dont make sense he can put you in the hospital

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That is very odd for a doctor to ask that. I’d mess with him and say I’m a millionaire. Like I invented the squeeze pouch of ketchup or something.

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No, the truth is, he didn’t like me to be happy. I think he is racist, political and religious. I don’t particularly like him. Next time i only go there with a policeescort to feel safe.

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