New pdoc soon

In a few weeks I’ll have my first session with a new pdoc. I get a new one every year because of the clinic I go to for therapy and psychiatry. I hope I make a better connection with them than with my previous one


Hope it goes well for you. I’m lucky to still be with the first shrink I saw all those years ago. I started in 1993 so I’m very grateful.


I dont have a pdoc since 7 jan 2021. I wanted to try Strattera and Rexulti but my gp is afraid of changing my meds so he referred me to a pdoc that I will see 28 August.

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best wishes to you I hope it goes well and you feel at ease to open up to your new pdoc

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good luck with the new pdoc!

and you too @Aziz
i hope you will have good contact with your new pdoc. Hopefully he is up for trying new meds.

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good luck. it might help to write down questions or concerns,

since, here, you only get about 15 to 20 minutes.

I really got into Rona with my pdoc, not sure why, that was dumb.

I hope things go well with your new pdoc.

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