New pdoc, hopeful or not?

So my next appointment with my current psychiatrist was in October…

I’ve been having tons of side effects, as well as breakthrough symptoms, and somehow she was either too busy to see me, or just didn’t think it was very important.

My pdoc’s nurse thought it was ridiculous that, with all the problems I’m having, I should have to wait that long, so she scheduled me with a new doctor in 5 days time.

I’m excited to get a new pdoc, but I wonder if I should be hopeful or not. I’ve ended up with not-so-great doctors many times, and I’m worried I’m switching to more of the same.

What do you guys think? Should I be optimistic about this? Maybe she’ll take me seriously and help me?

There are a variety of medication that can be prescribed for your mental illness. Discuss your side effects with your new psychiatrist and go from there. It’s difficult to know how you’ll be treated if you haven’t even met your psychiatrist yet.

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No reason not to be optimistic. Let us know how it goes.


Hey, you won’t know what she’s like until you meet her and talk to her. People are individuals with certain characteristics. You may go in and hit it off with her. but you won’t know until you see her. You can be optimistic; just go in with a good attitude and give her a chance.

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