New painting, yesterday

Thank you so much @ThePoeticSkunk
That is really a great compliment

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i love the texture in the sky, it almost makes me think im looking at water against the shore instead of a sky against hills! very lovely!

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Thank you @HQuinn
So good to hear

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I think it is extremely creative. I have never seen anything like it before. I think you made good detail in some parts of the sky. It makes me feel some heaviness, some depth.


Thank you so much for your words @Here4You

I have to say I’m working on the basis … (mostly based on the feedback here) that I want to do a series of these

The idea isn’t really mine,
I was going to put a tree in the foreground but my mum said not to
but I remember thinking the same as you that I’d not seen it before. when I saw my sisters skyscape photography
Mum had it printed huge and framed
This is a bad picture of it from the wrong angle

It is probably going to be the framework for my next oneimage

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