New opiate policy in America

My therapist says now they will only give 7 day scripts of opiates in America instead of 30 day scripts. I worry that the current opiate users will start going to heroin because of the hassle of seeing their doctors every 7 days, but MAYBE the future opiate prescribed people will never learn to abuse their opiates because they won’t have enough at a time to abuse them (that’s the theory) but will it really do anything? I’m scared this could make it worse. If they legalize at least they know they’re getting clean stuff (no fentanyll)…idk it’s such a tough topic…giving addicts clean needles used to be controversial too though…so maybe ten years they’ll legalize.

This girl I know, an ex heroin addict says when she went to detox she tested positive for heroin, fentanyll, Percocet, OxyContin, even pcp. She thought she was just doing heroin. Scary stuff.

That sucks dick…its gonna push people towards weed

That’s exactly what will happen. It’s been happening due to high black market prices of opiates. This will just give it an extra nudge…sad.

I think legalization is the way to go.

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The USA is a pro med country - doctors push pills on us for everything!

People on long-term doses of opiates will still be able to get a 30 day supply. The seven day policy only affects a patient’s initial prescription.

The key to handling the drug problem is to take the large amounts of money people can make off them out of the system. How they would do this with prescription opiates I don’t know, but they could take the profitability of street drugs out of the system by legalizing them. I saw this guy on tv saying that there was a seventeen-thousand per cent profit margin in the illegal drug trade, and that profit margin makes drugs unstoppable. If we legalized drugs it would take away that profit margin, and it wouldn’t pay for people to ship drugs up here by the ton.